Celebrating 20 Years

This year one of our longest standing employees is celebrating 20 years in service at The Ace Group. Peter O’Rourke was one of the first engineers employed by the company back in its Advanced Compressor Engineering days.

Employee number three

Peter O’ Rourke also began his employment as an engineer at Ace in 1997, where he was just the third member of staff having worked previously with Managing Director Mark Peacock. Peter has seen the company grow hugely in 20 years and says that change is still very much in progress. One of the biggest changes he has seen throughout the industry is the introduction of Health and Safety regulations which were much less stringent 20 years ago. Peter has seen many employees come through the company and has mentored a great deal of them in his current position as a Senior Engineer.

Highlights and scary flights

Peter’s highlight of working for The Ace Group has been the opportunity to travel and he has visited Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Saudi Arabia to name a few. Whilst in Italy, Peter worked during both the winter and summer months and stayed in little Italian Villages before eventually finding accommodation in Roma Football Club’s own hotel. One of his more hair raising experiences abroad with Ace was on a flight to Slovakia with M.D, Mark. During the middle of night the light aircraft of only 20 or so passengers hit bad weather causing some of the passengers to adopt the crash position and others to pray. Peter says it was the worst flight he has ever had!

Thrill Seeking

Over the last 20 years Peter has used his spare time for holidays to places such as Cuba and Turkey and has also in the past enjoyed time as a thrill seeker on his own Jet Ski, which he took to Scarborough, Wales and even across to the Isle of Wight in rough seas and 15ft waves! When Peter eventually looks at reducing his hours or retirement he wants to go on more holidays and continue to tend to his allotment. He does however say that his Jet Skiing days are now over.


It is thanks to our committed staff that The Ace Group has grown into the company it is today. The constant support of our staff will ensure that our success continues well into the future. A huge congratulations and thank you goes out to Peter, whose dedication from the very beginning has been instrumental in our exceptional engineering service.