Since the formation of The Ace Group from its four predecessor companies, there has been talk of a Staff Conference to amalgamate the various company cultures remnant of previous years. Bringing together all departments to discuss progress, changes and common goals is paramount to realising The Ace Group’s Success. With many of the staff, particularly the engineers, not being office based it was also essential that everyone had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with each other in order to move forward as one united team.

The Ace Group’s First Annual Staff Conference

On the 1st June, The Royal Toby Hotel, Rochdale, played host to sixty staff members across a morning and afternoon sitting. Prior to presentations staff were invited to enjoy a complimentary breakfast or lunch as an empty stomach does nothing for concentration or enthusiasm! The presentations began with a welcome from Mark Peacock, Managing Director of The Ace Group, who discussed the incredible progress made in the last twenty years since the company began with just five members of staff and a turnover of close to £1,000,000 in the first year. Mark’s confidence in the staff and immense pride in Ace was indisputable.

Without Change There Can Be No Progress

Following the introduction, each department was represented by the relevant director or manager, who all in turn presented their facts and figures and projected changes for the future of the company. No stone was left unturned, from sales and marketing to operations and servicing the presentations covered a multitude of new ideas and implementations from which questions were encouraged. The Ace Group recognised that change brings with it all sorts of challenges and often people can be opposed to such adjustments. By explaining all the benefits that change could bring about and the support mechanisms being put in place, such as our new service management software, we were able to substantiate why it is necessary. Without change there can be no progress.

After a day of food and plenty of new information, staff left the hotel with a sense of pride in The Ace Group, if not a head full of facts and figures and mental images of staff whose faces had been super imposed onto the bodies of superheroes! It seems that due to its success the Staff Conference could be an annual fixture on Ace’s calendar.

The Ace Group is growing and evolving for the benefit of both its staff and its customers and will continue to lead in its field of air technology thanks to its dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable team.