One of the most effective ways our Sales Consultants gauge which equipment is best suited to an application is by first carrying out a comprehensive site audit. These audits can be carried out simply as a site ‘health check’ or prior to installing new equipment to assess how the system can be configured effectively.

Data Logging Analysis

One of our Sales Consultants recently attended a site who were experiencing frequent overflow of their oil water separators. He carried out a data logging analysis on the compressed air system which led to the discovery that three of the site’s compressors were running during peak air demand creating excess condensate and causing the separators to overflow.

Only the tip of the iceberg…

The customer had carried out an air leak audit two weeks prior which suggested there was £13,000 worth of air leaks. Believing this to only be the tip of the iceberg we proceeded to carry out our own thorough investigation to assess the full scope of the energy wastage.

On Friday nights and Saturday mornings, production on the site temporarily stopped making this the ideal time to run the variable speed machine to calculate a baseline figure for the air leaks.

The actual cost of air leaks per year was close to £60,000, a huge sum to be wasted annually. Our Sales Consultant suggested that the air leaks be repaired.

Second audit found further leaks…

Following the first stage of repairs the system was audited on a Friday evening again and a reduction of 10kW was found. A second air leak audit was then carried out and a further £11,000 of air leaks were discovered. The repairs will be carried out very shortly.

With only limited time between shutdowns the next stage is to carry out a third air leak audit which will allow us further access to the internals of their production equipment and to the roof space where some of the pipework is located. This should provide a wider picture

Third audit results and testing coming soon…to be continued…..