One of the main (or most satisfying) benefits our customers gain from updating their compressed air systems is the savings in running costs, which can be monumental when efficiency is improved.

A longstanding customer is in the midst of a compressor install which will save them over £16,500.00 per year in running costs!

Minimal Interruption, Maximum Efficiency…

The customer, whose site is in South Yorkshire, manufactures varying strengths of steel which are supplied to an array of applications all over the globe. This heavy industrial setting requires an abundance of compressed air, so it is vital that their system runs optimally.

During their shutdown week ACE installed a valve in preparation for the new compressor. This has allowed a Compair L132 to be installed in place of an old 175kW unit with minimal interruption in the supply of air to production. The compressor is due to be commissioned within the week and additional ductwork will be installed next week to complete the system.

Fully Managed Turnkey Project

ACE have provided the customer with a full turnkey project including mechanical and electrical disconnection, removal of the compressor in situ, ductwork removal, mechanical and electrical installation, connecting ductwork installation and commissioning.

The project has been managed from start to finish by our expert team ensuring peace of mind and minimal disturbance to the customer and the site.

R.O.I in a Year!

Due to the resulting savings in running costs the customer can expect to see a full return on investment within 12 months! In addition, they benefit from a 6-year compressor warranty as well as further reductions in costs for repairs and servicing.

Whilst purchasing capital equipment can seem like a large upfront cost, these costs are often covered in a short period by the huge savings made by increasing system efficiency.

ACE also offers customers the option to split the cost of purchasing equipment into manageable chunks that suit their budget and cash flow.