Second Triumphant Annual Staff Conference

On the 17th of May at Best Western Smokies Park Oldham we held our second triumphant Staff Conference.

This year our conference was a full day of presentations, team building activities and discussions that brought the entire ACE Group staff network together. Staff were encouraged to mix with employees from other departments and sites and welcome the new faces within the company.

Mark Peacock, Managing Director began the conference with a welcome and a huge thanks to all the staff whose hard work over the last year has allowed the company to continue its upward trend of success. Mark and the other director’s reflected on the many great achievements over the last year including some of our big contract wins and our multitude of awards. They also spoke about what to expect from the year ahead and on continuing our industry leading success.

All Under One Roof

Our focus this year was to emphasise the importance of teamwork and of cross-selling to offer our customers a completely comprehensive service under our theme ‘All Under One Roof’. To help communicate this theme we asked several guest speakers to the event including some of our main suppliers representing both the compressed air and air conditioning and chiller divisions and also Martin Haigh from multi-award-winning training and development company, Lattitude 7.

‘Helium Sticks’

Introducing our ‘Under One Roof’ incentive, we asked our staff to consider themselves not as separate departments or separate sites but as one cohesive team. This team together can offer an array of outstanding products and services and many of our customers may only be aware of a small selection of what we can offer. We wanted to emphasise the importance of teamwork in offering our customers a comprehensive service from compressed air to air conditioning, parts to energy auditing.  Our team building began with an exercise called ‘Helium Sticks’ presented by Martin Haigh. Our staff were asked to work in large teams to balance a long stick across the line and lower it to the floor in one unified movement. When the sticks unexpectedly rose above our staff’s heads they had to use their communication skills to approach the problem. After many laughs, all teams were successful and a sense of teamwork was instilled.

Product Knowledge

Our talks later in the day came from suppliers for both our compressed air and air con divisions. They discussed a product overview and the many benefits of cross-selling for our customers who may require more than one of our services. Further to this, a scheme was introduced to raise awareness of our selection of services and keep our customers informed on all that we can offer.

After a full day spent as a whole company, listening to presentations, getting involved in activities and eating the venue out of all their food supplies, our staff left feeling motivated and with a sense of togetherness which we hope will transpire into an even higher standard of service to our valued customers.

Once again a huge thank you to all staff at The Ace Group and Cool & Heat, whom without, our continued success would not be possible.