The Ace Group has over 20 years of experience in the compressed air industry, supplying, installing and maintaining compressed air systems for a huge variety of applications across the UK.

Proven Success

In recent years our Installation Division has grown due to increased demand for our expert team of Install Engineers led by Manager, Anthony Foale. This increase in demand has been fuelled by our knowledgeable Sales Team who are usually the first people on site to discuss each individual customer’s specific needs. The strength of our Sales Team, led by Chris Hyde, and proven expertise of our Installation Engineers has become a potent combination resulting in many large business wins in recent years.

One of the Largest Wins in Ace Group History

In the last couple of months, Sales and Installations have once again pulled together to produce one of the largest installation wins in Ace’s 20-year history. This upcoming project will see our engineers installing an extensive range of new equipment in a large canning factory in the Midlands. The factory is in the process of replacing the majority of its heavy plant production line machinery and our team have already begun the work. The bulk of the installation will be carried out over four months and The Ace Group has won three large equipment orders relating to this project.

Pipework and Much Much More…

A significant part of this project involves reinstating all necessary pipework to the new production line machinery as it arrives on site. Alongside this, some of the services that our engineers are due to install include low pressure compressed air, high pressure compressed air, vacuum, natural gas, deionized water, city water, cooling water, coolant and chilled water.

In addition to this, The Ace Group is also installing chilled water systems for the factory’s Decorator and a coolant system for their Body Maker machines. The Decorator is responsible for adding and embossing colour to the cans to create the designs we are familiar with across many beverage brands. The ink used in this process is temperature sensitive and so the chilled water system will allow for a precision controlled appropriate temperature to a within 0.1 degrees centigrade, yet another unexpected use of Ace Group services. The Body Makers transform the preformed aluminium into a more recognisable ‘can’ shape, a process which requires both lubrication and heat removal. These two needs are met by the installation of the coolant system.

Expanding Our Horizons

Our expanding installation business means an expanding team and we are currently recruiting experienced engineers to supplement our expert team. Our Sales team is also set to grow in 2018 to meet our customer’s increasing demand. With such an influx of work and continued customer satisfaction, The Ace Group is sure to remain on its upward trend of success.

An Array of Services Under One Roof

The Ace Group offers a vast array of services both for compressed air and for air conditioning and refrigeration via its Cool & Heat Division. These services include but are not limited to, supply, installation, maintenance, energy auditing, air leak auditing, and pipework installation. All Ace customers receive a completely bespoke service, featuring the highest quality projects and a package completely tailored to their individual needs. Ace is well suited to working with both small and large companies and are fast becoming the sole supplier of a range of services for many big groups allowing customers to keep it all ‘under one roof’.