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Our steam, Gas and Liquid Filtration products all come from our quality supplier Donaldson whose products improve filtration efficiency, ensure the highest product quality, extend filter lifetime and guarantee maximum energy savings for our customers. Donaldson have a range of versatile filtration solutions for a broad spectrum of compressed air applications.

Donaldson products are particularly popular with our Food and Beverage customers, for whom air quality is paramount and who receive the added benefits of enhanced equipment performance and environmentally friendly technology.

Steam Filtration

For filtration of industrial and culinary steam, Donaldson offers appropriate filter housing to suit the application, available in 304 and 316L stainless steel in both industrial and sanitary grades for a range of customers.

A pleated stainless steel element is available for applications with a higher capacity and a sintered stainless steel media is also available, both can be regenerated to extend the life span of the filter and have a range of particle retention rates.

Gas Filtration

Effective filtration of compressed gas and air can have a direct impact on increased product quality, particularly when air comes in to direct or close contact with the product in applications such as product handling, product packaging and product mixing. High air/gas quality is essential for many of our customers principally in the Food and Beverage industries.

Donaldson Gas Filtration products are engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and increased maintenance predictability.

Liquid Filtration

Donaldson offer a broad range of filter elements to reflect an array of liquid filtration applications. To ensure product integrity and process efficiency whilst also minimising costs it is essential to select the appropriate filter material and rating. Donaldson offer a variety of different housings to suit all our customer’s needs including high quality stainless steel housing for the purification and sterile filtration of liquids for applications such as food and beverage production.

For Beverage Manufacturers Donaldson also offer their LifeTec range, improving product performance across a number of drinks applications such as dairy, beer and wine. Customers can increased flow rates and operational safety due to the product’s linear design, mechanical rigidity and new media configuration.