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Donaldson have been innovating for over 100 years since Frank Donaldson first developed a simple air cleaner. From its humble beginnings Donaldson has continued developing filtration products and today have customers in 19 countries across the globe.

Process filtration products allow our clients to obtain the best quality air and ensure their compressor runs at maximum efficiency with minimal likelihood of breakdowns.

Donaldson have a wide range of filtration products to suit an array of applications and requirements and can always guarantee that their products are of the highest quality.

Donaldson’s Life Tec filters are a newly developed product that provides maximised performance of your machinery with a number of advantages.



Greater structural stability: The rigid support cage structure resists deformation that leads to media failure, increasing reliability and reducing costs by maximizing the number of cleaning and sterilization cycles the filter can perform.

Increased filtration media: With up to 20 percent more media area versus comparable products, the filters deliver higher flow rates, lower pressure drop, and longer filter life.

High-performance materials: All component materials used are engineered for direct and indirect food contact to help satisfy regulatory standards and audit requirements.

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