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Process filtration plays a vital role in applications throughout industry, and is critical in terms of product quality, product security and reliability.

At ACE, we design, develop, install and maintain industrial filtration systems for sectors as diverse as foodstuffs, glass manufacture, power generation, steel manufacturing, engineering and fabrication and recycling applications.

We specialise in the design of filtration systems for multiple processes, developed around individual applications, with our specialist team using their established experience, knowledge and understanding to assess process requirements and design bespoke solutions.

Our areas of expertise cover:

Water filtration

We design, develop, install and maintain industrial and commercial water filtration systems for a wide range of applications. Our filters cleanse water to different extents according to the end use. We offer everything from quick and simple industrial solutions through to more complex self cleaning systems and installations designed to minimise water losses and reduce environmental impact.

Gas filtration

We specialise in systems designed to separate particles from gases and in removing particulate pollution from gaseous waste. Many of our installations play an important role in maintaining indoor air quality in process environments.

From the design of gas filtration systems through to improvements to existing systems and a detailed assessment of requirements, our expert team provides individual and tailored solutions.

Steam filtration

ACE specialises in steam filtration systems generally used for thermal processing in the food industry. Our systems are designed to ensure that any particles originating from transfer lines do not foul surfaces or block valves, thereby reducing overall process efficiencies.

Our steam filtration systems protect equipment from damage, removing debris and scale and ensuring quality steam free from contaminates.

Chemical filtration

ACE chemical filtration systems are used in many demanding applications for the effective control of contaminants. We bring together innovative technologies and expertise to design effective solutions for chemical process application, providing the highest levels of performance for process and environmental protection.

Magnetic filtration

Contamination risks exist at most stages of production. Our magnetic filtration systems are designed to ensure optimum integrity of the finished product, utilising high performance magnetic detection and separation systems for reliable and effective foreign body removal.

Designed to trap and remove foreign bodies and ferrous particles substances from liquids or liquid suspensions, our cost effective solutions guarantee a rapid return on investment with short payback periods.

We combine advanced system design the best magnetic separation technology to achieve first class performance and total reliability. Our service includes ongoing system maintenance and filter medium changes.

Cryptosporidion filters

With Cryptosporidion proving very resistant to disinfection, even well-operated water treatment systems cannot ensure that water is completely free of this parasite.

Cryptosporidium oocysts are common and widespread in ambient water and can persist for months in this environment. However, the dose that can infect humans is low. Our systems are designed to ensure removal of at least 99 of 100 Cryptosporidium oocysts.

We work closely with Donaldson to provide our customers with a wide range of steam, gas and liquid filtration options, you can browse their brochure below.