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In many businesses’ sustainability is now a key element to consider and targets are set annually for energy consumption reduction. In the past many industries have been part of a linear economy- one that produces huge amounts of waste and uses energy with little or no thought to the environment. These days most industries aim to be part of a circular economy- one that recycles, reuses and limits its impact on the world around us.

Heat recovery is an excellent way to reuse energy. Heat which would otherwise have been wasted can be re-purposed to replace the function of a boiler. In some applications boilers can even be removed completely. This can provide huge monetary savings and aid in increasing profit margins.

It is a recognised fact that 10% of all electricity used in industry is accounted for by compressed air systems, and that around 94% of this energy is converted to heat.

Our heat recovery services are designed to recover excess heat in compressors, which can then power a variety of processes including:-

  • Hot water
  • Heating systems
  • Air curtains
  • Process water
  • Factory heating
  • Steam and condensate

90% of a compressor’s capacity can be used to generate heat. Our energy efficient, cost effective solutions are helping our customers nationwide to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

ACE heat recovery systems can be supplied as new when a compressor is installed or as a retro fit option, with full technical support. Payback is typically around three months.