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Festo MS air prep
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Festo is a family owned international automation company with three generations of engineering expertise and a renowned customer service ethic. The company take a holistic approach to business, adopting local and worldwide responsibility, promoting technology, knowledge and education across the globe. They have as many as 18,700 employees across 250 branches in 61 countries.
Their extensive range caters for a vast array of applications and for our customers in particular we are proud to supply their collection of quality pneumatics products which seamlessly complement our other products.
Whilst we have access to Festo’s complete range, The Ace Group focus on providing air preparation products and solenoid valves, products which are appropriate for our customers across a vast number of the industry sectors we supply.

View this PDF document to view the full range of Festo products.

MS Air Preparation

The Festo MS Air Preparation range is of particular interest to our customers. Many of our customers require a strictly regulated, high quality air supply, particularly applications within the food and beverage industries. It is imperative in such industries that air is free from contaminants and the MS Air Preparation range can ensure that, giving our customers peace of mind. The range includes products to suit all systems with near unlimited options, from standard air preparation products to application-specific solutions.

Solenoid Valves

A solenoid valve or electromechanically operated valve removes the requirement for a person to manually operate a valve, potentially lowering workforce costs. The valve is instead controlled by an electrical current which passes through a solenoid coil. For applications where fluids are involved, solenoid valves play a key role. They can shut off fluids, release them in controlled measures and even mix fluids together. As with all Festo products their is a varied range of valves to suit a vast number of applications. The below video demonstrates the mechanics of a Festo valve.