Rotary Vane Compressors

A rotary vane compressor is a positive-displacement compressor consisting of vanes mounted on a rotor which then rotates inside a cavity. Typically, a slotted rotor with varied blade placement guides air into a chamber and compresses the volume.

Vanes may be variable length and tensioned to maintain contact with the walls of the cavity. Generally a circular rotor operates inside a larger circular cavity where the centres of both are offset, creating an eccentricity. Vanes slide into and out of the rotor and seal, creating vane chambers.

On the intake side of the compressor, vane chambers increase in volume and are filled with air forced in by the inlet pressure. On the discharge side of the compressor, vane chambers decrease in volume, forcing air out of the compressor. This type of compressor delivers a fixed volume of air at high pressures.

At ACE, we develop, install and maintain rotary vane compressor systems from leading manufacturers including: