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For applications where oil contamination could be extremely costly, the ACE Group offers oil-free compressed air solutions containing no lubricating oil at all. Oil free air compressors work entirely through the action of the screws, without the assistance of an oil seal and there are a huge variety of products to choose from depending on your requirements.

Multi-stage oil free air compressors can achieve pressures of over 150 psi, and output volumes of over 2000 cubic feet (56.634 cubic meters) per minute (measured at 60°C and atmospheric pressure).

Alongside elimination of contamination, benefits include extended service life through lower speeds and balanced bearing loads, with cooler operating temperatures reducing component wear. Removal of the requirement for oil disposal also saves time and money.

Oilless Air Compressor Applications

For many applications such as in the food and beverage industries, air quality is of paramount importance. These industries require compressor systems which meet current standards to ensure the safety of the consumer. Even the smallest amount of oil contamination can have detrimental consequences such as product wastage, profit loss and a long-term effect on the reputation of the brand.

Some other applications which utilise oil free air compressor technology include;


  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles Industry
  • Chemical/ Petrochemical Industries
  • Medical Sector
  • Paint Spraying Applications

What is the difference between Oil Free or Oil Less Air Compressors?

Oil Free air compressors eliminate the need for any oil within the compressor chamber. Oilless air compressors contain absolutely no oil within the whole compressor package completely removing the likelihood of any oil carryover, thus eradicating contamination.

The ACE Group offers a huge range of Oil Free and Oil Less products depending on the application requirements. We work closely with Gardner Denver to ensure our customers have access to innovative new technology such as the PureAir and Ultima Machines.

These revolutionary compressors completely change how customers fulfil their compressed air needs. They also give the option to initially purchase a smaller compressor and then upgrade the package to a higher kW machine at a later date as their requirements grow.

A small footprint is another feature of this innovative machine and allows the customer to easily accommodate their compressor system whether they choose the 75kW package or the 160kW package.

Other benefits of the Ultima package include;

  • 100% oil and silicone free
  • Low running costs
  • Reduced noise design
  • LP & HP airends individually driven
  • Very efficient heat recovery built in
  • Easy installation with no ducting required
  • User-friendly On-board monitoring
  • Package available with iConn remote monitoring

ISO Standards and Oil Free Compressed Air

Many customers have the added requirement of meeting current standards such as ISO Class 1 (‘technically’ oil free air) or Class 0 (oil free air) with Class 0 being the more stringent standard expecting a very high air quality containing absolutely no oil.

Whilst Class 0 compressors are often slightly more expensive to purchase, they can save customers vast amounts of money long term by completely preventing oil contamination and ensuring a safe end product.

No Immediate Need for Completely Oil Free Compressed Air?

In non-oil free applications, air will contain a small concentration of oil contaminants however this can be improved cost-effectively by introducing filtration products to the system rather than investing in more expensive oil free machines.

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