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Large Daikin Air Handling System
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Wherever products are passed down lines within the production process, air handling systems are required to regulate and circulate air. Alongside this requirement, air quality in the production process has never been more important than it is today, demanding highly efficient air re-circulation systems.

Specialist Air Handling Team

Our specialist teams provide expertise and knowledge in all sectors, from process industries to foodstuffs. Systems range from small air handling units for local use to larger systems conditioning 100% outside air and rooftop units. These regulate and circulate air to meet regulatory, process and quality requirements.

We specialise in supplying bespoke solutions to meet individual needs, helping our customers to enhance reliability, efficiency and profitability.

Daikin D1 Distributors

We have recently become Daikin D1 Distributors allowing ourselves and our customers access to various benefits such as additional training and extended warranties. Daikin’s large range of products includes an array of Air Handling units with air flows from 0.1m3/s up to 55 m3/s to suit a number of different applications. Our team of specialists work closely with Daikin to bring each customer a bespoke service tailored around their air handling needs.

All of Daikin’s Air Handling Units are designed with energy efficiency in mind further allowing us to create the most effective and efficient system for our customers. This maximises productivity and profitability and minimise breakdowns and downtime.