The ACE Group supply a huge range of products to customers across the globe with completely bespoke application requirements. To meet the varying needs of our customers ACE are able to provide products in a huge range of sizes, specifications and brands.

We only work with suppliers with a proven record of producing quality machines and who are at the forefront of developing technology within the sector.

Below are some of our most popular products and the benefits our customers gain from choosing them.

Two Stage Sullair Compressor Series

Exceptionally well-designed compressors incorporating the signature Sullair airend, these machines are highly reliable and are a popular choice amongst our customers due to their energy saving benefits which can equate to thousands of pounds in reduced running costs.

Some features include:

  • Longer air end life up to 100,000 hours
  • No loss of capacity or efficiency 
  • Lower operating costs
  • Multi-Stage Air-Fluid Separation to reduce carryover (Twin oil water separators with twin scavenger lines)
  • Fiberglass Fluid Filter – up to 20% more efficient than conventional paper elements
  • Two-Stage Compressor Air End provides more air while reducing power consumption
  • Variable Capacity Control System featuring Spiral Valve Technology  
  • The TS range offers a capacity range from 100hp to 600hp (75KW to 447KW)
  • pressure requirements of 6.8 to 12.0bar (100 to 175 psig)

Gardner Denver Single Stage Compressors

The ESM / VS series is specifically designed to meet the needs of applications where air is a continuous 24/7 demand. Often in these applications, continuous air supply is of critical importance so efficiency and breakdown limitation is paramount.

A variable speed drive combined with a user-friendly controller allows the compressor to meet varying air demand whilst ensuring that it operates at the lowest possible power, thus resulting in maximum efficiency.

Features include:

  • Power range up to 290 kW
  • Pressure range up to 13 bar
  • Volume flow up to 50 m³/min at 8 bar
  • Numerous options
  • Made for modern work environment

Oil Free Compressors

Two Stage Rotary Screw, Ultima Dry Screw Airend with Permanent Magnet Motor, Reciprocating, Piston and Scroll.

In applications where air purity is crucial such as the food and beverages industry, even the smallest amount of oil contaminant can cost a company thousands of pounds in product spoilage, damage to equipment, potential product recall and ultimately loss in reputation and profitability. For just such applications ACE are able to provide a large range of oil free and oil less compressors which are Class 1 and Class 0 compliant.

Oil free compressors are available in many forms such as rotary screw compressors, reciprocating/piston compressors and the ever popular, compact, scroll compressor.

Class 0 or Oil Free compressors completely eliminate oil from the compression chamber ensuring that oil contamination is not possible and giving the customer complete piece of mind.

A Huge Product Range

The range of compressed air products ACE provides is vast and so it would be impossible to talk about them all here. However, whatever your application you can be assured that our expert Sales Consultants and dedicated Engineering teams will be able to provide you with the best advice, products and service possible.