Following a number of projects during the last five years, we recently visited our customer Vantrunk in Warrington to discuss how our service has progressed and improved over that time and since our four predecessor companies merged to become The ACE Group.

Cable Management

Vantrunk, owned by Unitrunk Holdings, is an international cable management company who produce cable trays, cable ladders, frame systems and ancillary support products. Their vast UK factory is nestled in the Cheshire countryside having moved from their previous site in Runcorn in 2013. The site now has close to 70 employees and has been producing cable management solutions for over 50 years.

Powered by Efficient Compressed Air System

We were welcomed on to site by Evan Battison, Process Improvement Manager for Vantrunk, who has been with the company for around 13 years and has worked closely with ACE since we began our projects with them. Compressed air is an important feature in the Vantrunk factory powering Air Knives which remove coolant from the product, Power Presses which consume compressed air via rams, Pneumatic Clamping Systems and also Auto Loading Sheets which use vacuum to pick up large sheets of metal. The factory is reliant on compressed air to keep the production line moving so the prevention of any down time is imperative. Evan informed us that since using ACE there have been no significant breakdowns or failures and the main compressor has been very reliable.

Pleasant, Polite, Professional

When planning the compressed air system on site, Evan was very open to suggestions and our team were more than happy to discuss a variety of solutions and offer advice and expertise. He describes his main contacts at ACE as very knowledgeable, helpful and happy to share their ideas. Similarly our engineers have also been easy to deal with due to their pleasant, polite and professional attitude when on site, with their focus on getting the job done on time and to the high standards associated with The ACE Group.


ACE have carried out many projects at Vantrunk and Evan has always found it easy to get in contact to discuss future requirements and further projects. He has worked closely with Gareth Pilmer, one of our Area Sales Managers at ACE and also with Liam Bailey our Energy Consultant. Together they have looked at ways to improve the efficiency of the compressed air system at the site in the hope of creating long term energy savings for the company. ACE will soon be fitting additional regulators to reduce the air consumption of the system which will contribute to improved efficiency.

Over the last couple of years our four predecessor companies have merged to form The ACE Group.  Evan has seen a notable change in our service since the merge with our emphasis being on going the extra mile for our customers and aiming to give only the very best advice tailored to each individual customer’s requirements. We hope to work with Vantrunk for years to come with there already having been discussions about future projects. Vantrunk it set to continue to grow and ACE intend to continue supporting their air technology needs to the very highest standards.