Containerised Compressed Air

The Ace Group have recently developed a series of containerised compressor systems for clients with specific space-saving needs. The containerised systems act as a portable compressor house with ‘plug and play’ adaptability. The system is fully self-contained within its metal container housing. This makes it suitable for a number of applications where space is limited. Furthermore where a dedicated compressor house cannot be built.

‘Plug and Play’

Our most recent batch of containers featured a Gardner Denver Compressor, an air receiver, desiccant dryer and three filters as well as all the necessary pipework and electricals. The Ace Group can produce containers with any configuration of compressed air system, using any brand that the customer desires within a range of container measurements.

The customer has the very simple task of plugging the container into a power source when it arrives on site. It’s then ready for use. It is a truly bespoke, customisable compressed air option which massively reduces any downtime for installation.

This ‘Plug and Play’ system has been so popular that several containers have already been created by our team of in house compressor engineers and have been shipped to clients around the globe. We have already had lots of positive feedback on these innovative systems.

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