Air Conditioning World Leaders

Big name Mitsubishi has a global presence but is perhaps lesser known for it’s air conditioning products. It is no surprise though that this giant brand are world leaders when it comes to air conditioning with nearly 100 years of innovation which all began with the development of an electric fan. This was the start of climate control and now nearly a century later the company has a huge range of high quality and technology leading products designed to keep homes, small businesses and huge industrial companies comfortable in the air around them.

Industry standards are rigorously tested but for Mitsubishi it isn’t enough just to meet these standards and so they are consistently looking to excel them by putting the best products on the market. Products which consume less power, work more efficiently, perform to the highest standards and that are built to last. This is all encompassed under MEQ- Mitsubishi Electric Quality. This has lead to the development of units which operate quietly for minimal disruption and that purify and deodorise the air whilst cooling or heating, ensuring the best comfort of use for customers. The continued commitment to developing new technology results in ever more efficient units which ultimately benefit the customer with energy and cost savings. All Mitsubishi products are manufactured with durability in mind without compromising on sleekness of design. They are tested under stringent conditions to minimise breakdowns and ensure a long lifespan so that customers can get the most from their machines.

Accredited Installers Of Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Products

Accredited installer of Mitsubishi Air Conditioning productsOur Cool and Heat Team are accredited Mitsubishi electric installers for Air Conditioning. A well-known and reliable brand, Mitsubishi products have always been popular with our customers. There is a large range to suit every application. We can offer anything from close control air conditioning to industrial air conditioning for applications where ambient temperature must be maintained.

Looking to a Greener Future

Mitsubishi air conditioning have a focus on creating better products for the environment and reducing carbon footprint, an idea which our company and also many of our customers share. Their products not only clean the air indoors but also reduce the pollution that the units create outdoors. Responsible products are the way forward to a cleaner and greener future and along with all the other benefits of installing Mitsubishi products our customers also receive the peace of mind that they are looking to a more environmentally friendly method of climate control.