Keeping Our Cool at Advanced Medical Solutions

Cool & Heat’s Latest Installation

Our Cool & Heat division have recently completed yet another successful installation, this time at Advanced Medical Solutions in Winsford, Cheshire. With several sites around the globe the company is well known for producing and supplying medical technologies. These are in the form of innovative products which can be found in hospitals, dental practices and across the healthcare sector.

AMS use advanced materials such as collagen, cyanoacrylates and hydrocolloids which are used for the accelerated healing of wounds and tissue repair. The company also have a long standing commitment to continuing research and development. They have facilities such as microbiological testing laboratories to aid them in their exploration.

Temperature Control

The Cool & Heat team were called in with the objective of providing cooling for the Motor Filtration room which is required to maintain a temperature of 18-19 degrees Celsius all year round to prevent the overheating of machinery. The new system would have the additional benefit of also cooling the surrounding air to the existing air handling unit which was providing cool air to the clean rooms on site.

Daikin D1 Distributors

Josh Riley, Contracts Manager for our air conditioning and refrigeration division, coordinated with Tony Green, Site Service Supervisor, at Advanced Medical to find the best industrial air conditioner for the application. It was decided that we would supply and install two Daikin Split 14kw Cassette Systems which would be suitable for maintaining the 18-19 degree temperature. Due to Cool & Heat’s Daikin D1 Distributor status, the install would also include a 7 year parts warranty. Josh also suggested that Daikin Self-cleaning Grills be fitted to increase the likelihood of long term energy savings.

“Exceptional quality…”

“I am very pleased with the Cool & Heat installation of additional cooling in the motor extraction room. The work performed was of exceptional quality. They met our budget and installed within the timescale scheduled. They also kept the workplace clean and tidy and went the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Cool and Heat for HVAC installation.” – Tony Green, Site Service Supervisor.

Looking to the Future

We are looking forward to a continued relationship with Advanced Medical Services in the form of a 12 month service contract. There is also a potential future project converting some existing equipment into a newly designed multi Variable Refrigerant Volume setup. The ACE Group and Cool & Heat are proud to be working with companies who are furthering the healthcare sector.

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