You might be surprised to hear that in rural farm settings compressed air is commonplace. It may be a far cry from the industrial applications where you might expect to find a compressor but there is a demand for air in many farming processes.

ACE has recently worked with a farm-based in West Yorkshire supplying a compressor system for their milking parlour.

Upgrading the Customer’s Compressed Air

The customer was looking to upgrade their compressed air system. Their existing piston compressor was not fit for purpose and could not provide the clean air they required. ACE became involved when the farm’s previous compressed air supplier could not provide adequate advice on a system suited to their requirements.

Sales Consultant, Gareth Pilmer stepped in to assist. After discussing the need for cleaner air with the owner of the farm he was able to suggest a Hydrovane compressor along with a drying pack, filtration and food-grade oil. This package would meet the customer’s demand for cleaner air whilst also being efficient, compact and quiet.

Sound advice on a system which was right for them…

Despite the 3 week lead time the customer was happy to wait, assured that they had been given sound advice on a system which was right for them. They even turned down their previous supplier who offered to provide the machine the next day, due to ACE having provided more information and suggesting the additional filtration.

The knowledge base of our staff is what sets us aside from our competitors. Where appropriate, customers are offered a site survey so that we can assess their requirements comprehensively and provide the best fit. Our customers have total peace of mind that they are being advised by experts and supplied with industry leading products.