The Client

AUSTAR Group is an advanced technology-based pharmaceutical engineering solution provider with comprehensive knowledge and experience in life-science process technology, applications, industry regulatory rules and practices. The company takes pride in being able to help clients address issues in quality, compliance and operation excellence and is dedicated to providing equipment – engineering-service-consumables turnkey solutions and to promoting industry advancement and creating value.

The Requirement

AUSTAR UK, a subsidiary of the AUSTAR Group, has recently geared up for in house manufacturing of their specialised equipment. Securing the provision of good quality compressed air services was vital, both to match current demand and to allow for future growth for the manufacturing facility, which is based in Huddersfield. AUSTAR UK turned to compressed air specialists Ace Group for assistance in selecting the right system to allow for planned operational growth.

Above all, AUSTAR UK believes in building strong local connections in the area and supporting these businesses.

The Solution

The Ace Group began by collecting information from AUSTAR UK in order to design a system layout best suited to the available space and work areas. A Champion FM02 Full Feature System, complete with receiver, dryer and 3 stage filtration was selected to generate the required volumes of compressed air for the site. This piece of equipment not only met the air demand but also included additional features such as air end rotation protection and an intelligent control system. The Ace Group team completed the project with the installation of a distribution system serving all required points in the factory, feeding from the compressor. The system meets AUSTAR UK’s expectations in full.

The Outcome

“We wanted to develop links with and support local business in the area and as such contacted The Ace Group. Gareth (Area Sales Manager) conducted a site survey; he understood our needs but more so our vision. We now have fully functional equipment able to supply five work cells with a separate feed to our state-of-the-art innovation lab. The entire Ace Team was very professional and a pleasure to work with”.

Neil Chew, Purchasing Manager, AUSTAR UK