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We recently completed an installation at a university biology lab whose 45kW compressor was obsolete and not fit for purpose due to the inverter no longer being in production. The most cost-effective way for the customer to proceed was to install a new, smaller, regulated speed compressor which would be more efficient and cost less to run.

One of Europe’s Largest Biomedical Facilities

The university building is one of Europe’s largest biomedical facilities and is the place of work and study for around 300 scientists and students. The fifth floor houses a collection of modern laboratories and office space for researchers. It is essential that compressed air is available when it is needed and that the systems run optimally.

Comprehensive System Analysis

Following a comprehensive analysis of the system, the old compressor was found to be running at minimum speed for most of the day. This is not ideal for this type of oil flooded compressor as it can cause large amounts of oil carry over thus affecting the way downstream equipment deals with bulk liquid and oil. The optimum speed for a variable speed compressor is around 35 to 85%. 

With that in mind our sales consultant suggested a CompAir L30RS would be the most suitable replacement with the addition of a cyclone water separator to aid in removing bulk liquid from the compressed air. This also increases filtration life and reduces pressure drops across the filter media.

Reduced Service Costs

An additional benefit to the customer is the cost savings on their Service Contract. With the new compressor being a 15KW smaller each service costs saw a 15% saving across each service interval. Over the compressor life cycle this equates to a substantial saving.

At ACE we value our diverse customer base and our engineers are well equipped to install and maintain compressors and downstream equipment across a variety of applications big and small.

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