Customer satisfaction is a tangible measure of whether we are meeting the high standards we strive for and receiving positive feedback is a reminder of why at ACE we only settle for providing an industry leading service.

HS Polymer reduce waste and increase profits

One customer who has recently been forthcoming in their praise for our customer service is HS Polymer Reprocessing, based in Hyde Cheshire. The company reprocess vulcanised polymers so that they can be reused in manufacturing processes thus helping to limit their customer’s waste and increase their profitability. Find out more about their services here .

Assisting with compressed air requirements

HS Polymer underwent an MBO back in June 2019 and ACE have been assisting with their compressed air requirements. The site’s current compressor is coming to the end of its life span and whilst ACE Service Engineers have attended to carry out maintenance, we have also suggested a hire compressor as an interim option which we are offering to the customer at a competitive price.

With the current Covid pandemic having impacted on the majority of businesses over the last year we understand that it is our customer’s best interested to extend the life of their compressors by ensuring they are running optimally.

HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd, based in Hyde, Cheshire are a very niche, micro-business, specialising in the reprocessing of waste polymers, particularly high-quality elastomer products. They are multiple Pride of Tameside Business Award Winners and currently hold the title of Green Impact Award. We started experiencing problems with our air compressor back in September & October 2020. The initial problems were successfully diagnosed by Ace Group and in turn we requested a full over-haul service of our equipment and recommendations for the future, as HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd are planning on expanding the business. I kept in touch with Adam Berry, Donna & Rebecca (Service Team) throughout the whole process and at the end of the work, kindly emailed Ace-Group to acknowledge my appreciation of the excellent customer service I had received throughout. This included all team members and service engineers who had visited the HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd site. It was refreshing to receive this level of customer service and we are looking to continue and develop the relationship between the two companies in the coming future.

-Steve Crompton- Owner/MD HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd