Financing Capital Equipment

Purchasing capital equipment can be a significant cost for a company particularly when there are installation and ongoing maintenance costs to consider as well. That is why we offer our customers financing options to allow them to split the cost over several years.

Visit our online shop where you can purchase compressed air products quickly and easily and also take advantage of our finance options through our partnership with Kennet Leasing.

One such customer who chose to benefit from spreading the cost of their purchase is a South Yorkshire based fencing manufacturer, whose new compressed air system is due to be installed this month.

Providing expert advice, not just a quote

Our Sales Consultant initially spoke with the customer’s procurement team over the phone and was simply asked to quote for a like for like compressor based on specifications and a quote they had been given by a competitor. Our Sales Consultant was able to advise that the quote they had received previously might not be the best fit and so he provided a quote for more suitable equipment along with financing options- something competitors had not offered. This went in our favour and the customer was happy to proceed knowing they would have the best equipment for their application and that they could split the cost.

Upon visiting site and looking at the best way to proceed with the installation, a set up was agreed and further ancillaries were quoted and ordered to ensure the compressor system would run efficiently and would be the best long-term solution for the customer. The site has its own custom-built compressor house which will be home to the Gardner Denver VS26 variable speed compressor, upgraded filtration system, oil water separator and zero loss drain due to be installed this month. The new drain will even mean increased productivity for their apprentice maintenance engineer who previously had to empty the tank every morning and thus will now have more time to carry out other maintenance tasks.

The new system will replace an aging compressor which is no longer fit for purpose. It will provide a larger capacity and the variable speed drive will aid in increased efficiency. The system will be kept in optimum condition under a 5 Year Service Contract provided by our Maintenance Team.

Split the cost!

Buying capital equipment needn’t be an overwhelming upfront cost. Talk to our team about financing options today and split the cost into manageable chunks suited to your cash flow.