Following a customer service call our sales team were able to advise a customer on improving the energy efficiency of their compressed air system. Their current provider had failed to identify faults in the system, potentially costing the customer £1000s.

Saving Our Customers Money

Gareth Pilmer, ACE’s Area Sales Consultant, provided expert advice and guidance for a Leeds based commercial printer. Specifically on how their compressed air system could be improved to save them money.

Energy Logging

The site was running five compressors and was experiencing problems with the existing machines. This included frequent pressure drops and some of the machines not operating. Liam Bailey, ACE’s dedicated Energy Consultant, was sent in to log the entire system and produce a comprehensive energy assessment.

It was decided that a new compressor system be installed. This was to power a new printing machine due to the expectation that the current system would not be able to cope with the additional workload.

Gardner Denver Compressor Installation Specified

During a busy period in December the new equipment was installed with many of the ACE team getting involved. This ensured the project was completed in a professional and timely manner. The products used in this installation included a Gardner Denver Champion FM15 compressor, Beko RA90 dryer and filtration and a Sterling CRS150 oil water separator.

ACE continues to work with the Leeds based printing company to further improve the system. It is the hope that once reconfigured; the whole system will be able to run off a 15kW machine with two slightly smaller machines as back up. ACE are also going to be replacing the existing flexible pipework with solid, safer and more efficient pipework.

An Honest Approach

The customer was very pleased with the work carried out and with the honest approach of the team. ACE looks forward to continuing the project with the printing company. Furthermore that they will soon be seeing increased profit margins thanks to £1000s saved in energy consumption.

Our team continually save customers huge sums annually on their energy expenditure by improving the efficiency of their compressed air systems. Sometimes data logging can identify seemingly small problems such as air leaks which can send energy consumption skyrocketing but can be easily resolved. On other occasions our expert team of install engineers are brought in to improve the system as a whole by introducing the latest in compressed air technology.

Whatever the project, ACE can offer professional guidance and the highest standard of service.