Breezair Evaporative Cooling

This year the world experienced a pandemic, the likes of which have never been seen before by our generation. It meant rethinking our whole way of life and putting safety at the forefront of commercial industry.

One area Cool & Heat have had to consider is cooling and ventilation. Whilst air conditioning has been deemed safe and highly unlikely to spread the virus, the team decided to explore alternative technologies, particularly for ventilation. This brought us to Seeley Technologies and to Breezair cooling and ventilation.

The Breezair system passes outside air over wetted pads to cool it, bringing the temperature to a comfortable level in many commercial and industrial buildings. The air is not recirculated and when outside temperature is low enough the system can be used to simply ventilate. With no chemical refrigerants and hugely reduced running costs, Breezair is a great alternative to traditional air conditioning or ventilation systems.

How Breezair Works

Reduced Emissions, Reduced Running Costs

Some of the benefits to using Breezair cooling is the hugely reduced emissions and running costs.

In a UK/ continental climate CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 87% when using a Breezair system compared to a standard refrigerated system. With many companies being targeted on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction the use of an evaporative cooling system could go a long way in helping to meet those targets.

In the same UK/ continental climate Breezair customers can expect huge running cost reductions up to 84% less than if using a standard refrigerated system. This allows for higher profit margins and more money to be available for capital projects. Due to the current climate created by the Covid-19 pandemic, cost reductions are particularly welcome.

So, how can we help?…

Our Cool & Heat team are able to supply, install and maintain Breezair products across a huge array of applications. We work closely with the manufacturer, Seeley International, to ensure we can provide the highest standard of products and services.