A Successful 40 Year Old Business

This month we were lucky enough to be invited on to site of family owned business N.L. Williams. We met with Barry Williams, Managing Director and Bob Griffiths, Compliance Coordinator, to see how their long standing relationship with The Ace Group has grown over the last decade.

The successful 40 year old business initially began under the knowledgeable eye of Barry’s father and has been continued on by Barry himself resulting in four decades of growth and expansion. It started life predominantly as a fabrication company but due to demand began to focus more on coatings which included the development of some of their own products such as anti-slip surface coatings and patenting blasting equipment. The direction of the company has always been customer driven which is perhaps why it has continued to be so successful. The company is a ‘one stop shop’ making it a popular choice for many sectors including food production, pharmaceuticals, offshore, nuclear and rail.

Compressed Air – An Essential Commodity

The Ace Group provide N.L. Williams with their most significant and essential commodity, compressed air. The compressor systems on site power such machinery as paint sprayers, shot blasters and breathing air systems. Without compressed air the production would cease, so it is imperative that downtime is minimalized. Following advice from Ace, NL Williams completely overhauled their previous compressed air system by replacing it with one Sullair Fixed Speed compressor and another Variable Speed Drive compressor to kick in when necessary as well as a backup compressor in case of the unlikely event of a breakdown. Barry Williams was clearly impressed by the ongoing reliable and efficient performance of the machines that we installed. He informed us that he would be reluctant to move away from the Sullair brand with the knowledge that they are currently achieving a very high quality of air and have experienced very few problems in the last decade since the compressors were installed.

Proactive in Providing Preventative Maintenance

Speaking to Bob Griffiths, we found that the company was also particularly pleased with our service department describing them as “proactive in providing preventative maintenance”. With our engineers attending site in a punctual and well-coordinated manner it is rare for the machines to go down. Reassurance has been offered on several occasions by engineer Chad Combe, whose exceptional product knowledge ensures that the compressors are running optimally. Both Bob and Barry find it easy to correspond with Martin Bates, Ace’s Service Coordinator, describing him as well informed and quick to rectify any small problems that arise.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Just like Ace, N.L. Williams initially built their business on the power of word of mouth. Over the years our two companies have established a strong and positive relationship which has resulted in business recommendations from both sides. Ace remains dedicated in providing a quality service to the NL Williams team and hopes to see them continue their success long into the future with our continued support in providing them with their most precious commodity.