Covid-19, Britain in lockdown

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has meant that hard times have fallen on almost all industry sectors with some establishments such as hospitals and supermarkets being under strain to meet the huge demand. Since the commencement of lockdown, The ACE Group and Cool & Heat have been continuing to provide a service to our customers, many of whom are considered key industries and who have been essential in keeping our fellow Brits fed and cared for.

Supporting the Front Line

One such project that ACE has been involved in is providing compressors for breathing air plants in use at the temporary Coronavirus hospitals set up at the ExCel, London and in other parts of the country. ACE delivered the first compressors on the 1st of April and even appeared on the News having been filmed unloading the machines. Breathing air has been essential in the care of Coronavirus patients with one of the symptoms being breathing difficulties. ACE are proud to have supported NHS Nightingale along with other temporary hospitals up and down the country.

Our Cool & Heat team have also provided service continuity to their customers. The team provide essential air conditioning to a prominent television station who have been at the forefront of providing news and information to the public as the pandemic has developed. Cool and Heat have remained busy throughout the lockdown ensuring that their customers receive the same high level of service with added adherence to current health and safety guidance.

Our Parts team have also continued to support our Service Departments and supply vital parts to customers all over the UK.

The ACE Group and Cool & Heat are proud to have weathered the storm so far and will continue to provide the highest level of service to our customers.