ACE Sales and Installations Make For a Successful Team

In early April our Sales and Installations teams once again proved they are a potent combination with another successful compressed air system installation. Frame-tech, which design and manufactures timber frames for building construction, was expanding and had opened a new factory in Rastrick, Huddersfield. This is just a stone’s throw from ACE’s Head Office. The company expansion meant that they had further demand for compressed air on their new site. Being an existing customer of The Ace Group, they turned to us first.

Frame-Tech Expands Into the Huddersfield Area

Frame-tech was established in 2008 and is based in Dewsbury. In the last ten years, the young team has driven the company forward resulting in a growing customer base. This increased demand has led the way to expansion into the Huddersfield area. Hence the opening of a new factory in Rastrick.

Frame-tech’s requirement for compressed air was driven by their use of air tools and automated machinery or Computer Numerical Control machines (CNCs). These are used in the manufacturing of timber frames. The company offers a bespoke design and manufacturing service providing a timber frames for social housing projects, multi-storey apartment blocks and public sector buildings such as hotels and care homes. They are a cost-effective alternative to steel frame constructions. They are also quicker to manufacture thus allowing a quicker build time for developers.

Compressed Air Installation Using Industry Leading Products

Using their expert knowledge our Sales team were able to recommend a combination of equipment suitable for the application. As always that involved industry-leading products. The compressed air system was made up of a Gardner Denver ESM22 Compressor, Beko RA 240 Refrigerant Dryer, a 500 litre receiver and a Gardner Denver DW10 Oil Water Separator and was installed along with a ring main connecting all three buildings at the new Rastrick factory.

All elements were installed by Matt Woods, Connor Roberts and Tom Cogan, all engineers within the Installation department. The system was then commissioned by ACE’s dedicated Energy Consultant, Liam Bailey.

Minimal Downtime= Maximum Efficiency

ACE hopes to continue work with Frame-tech having already had discussions about a backup compressor to further increase efficiency. We also hope to secure a service contract to cover both of the manufacturing sites, enabling them to keep everything under one roof.