Chocolate, cheese and….cement……

We recently had the opportunity to send our Energy Consultant, Liam Bailey across continent to a cement company in Zurich, Switzerland to carry out some extensive audits at their company Headquarters.

The customer is a large construction materials and solutions company with a growing global presence. They have recently provided construction solutions for many of the Russian stadiums that were used in the Fifa World Cup. These include Volograd, Nizhny Novgorod and the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

An Energy Health Check

Liam was tasked with carrying out a data logging report, an air leak audit report and site map plotting. This would accurately survey the site’s current energy usage and locate areas which could be improved by installing more suitable equipment.

The site was using compressed air, blowers, chillers and air conditioning equipment. All of these can be responsible for a high percentage of energy consumption at many industrial sector sites. Compressed air alone accounts for 10% of all industrial electrical consumption. Furthermore up to 90% of the energy produced by a compressor is often not used at all!

Comprehensive Statistics Reveal Areas Where Industrial Energy Efficiency Can Be Improved

Following the audits Liam was able to compile the statistics along with observations he had made during his visit and present them to the customer. It was found that £16,532.64 of energy was being wasted per year on non-productive consumption. This could be transformed into an energy saving of the same amount if various improvements were implemented.

The air leak survey showed further potential savings of over £4000 annually. Recommendations were also made to convert the energy lost through heat into useable energy by installing a heat recovery system. Nitrogen generation could also be considered for additional long term savings.

Knowledgeable recommendations made

The customer was very happy with the service they received from The Ace Group as well as the knowledgeable recommendations made by our Energy Consultant, Liam. Leading on from the audits ACE will be responsible for providing and installing new compressed air equipment which will help in achieving the above energy savings.

ACE relishes opportunities to go overseas and expand our business abroad. Particularly when it involves helping our customers improve their compressed air systems and save money!