An Array of Services…

ACE are well known for providing and installing quality compressed air products. A less well known service related to compressed air management are the plethora of investigative services in the form of audits. These audits allow clients to assess their compressed air usage in an accurate and detailed manner. Furthermore make informed decisions about changes or upgrades to their compressed air systems. The end result is often huge long-term energy savings and thus, increased profitability!

Dedicated Energy Consultant

All our audits are carried out by our dedicated Energy Consultant, Liam Bailey, who uses specialised equipment such as pressure loggers and flow meters to produce comprehensive statistics. Some of the audits available to our customers include Air Leak Surveys and Air Quality Tests.

Working With the Transport Industry

We recently worked with a large transport and logistics group. They were underwhelmed by the service they had been receiving from one of ACE’s competitors. We stepped in to provide them with an Energy Audit and Air Leak Audit to assess whether their system was running optimally.

The Group use compressed air in the cleaning process of their tankers and to pressure test for re-use. Some tankers transport medical substances and therefore it is necessary for the air to pass through a desiccant dryer before use. This ensures the end result is high quality medical grade air. The group also has a maintenance area which requires breathing air and it is essential that the air provided here is of a good quality and free from contaminants.

Whilst the compressors were found to be running as expected, it was deemed that the dryer in situ was far too small and therefore probably unable to meet the demands of producing the essential high quality air. ACE provided and installed a much larger dryer as well as refreshing the compressed air system by installing new Boge and Gardner Denver Variable Speed Drive Compressors alongside an existing older Boge system.

Expert Team

Compressed air can be an expensive commodity but for many clients it is a necessity. With the correct products and careful monitoring it can, however, be managed effectively and efficiently. Many of our customers find that costs can be reduced along the way! Why not speak to one of our team about Energy Auditing today!