More Great Feedback

The ACE Group have recently had yet more fantastic feedback after working with a car components manufacturer.

The company has over twelve thousand employees across fifty-five production facilities located all over the world. Its roots began in Switzerland over a century ago. Since then it has grown into a global leader in the production of car components.

Cutting Edge Technologies…

The majority of components manufactured by the customer are fabricated for heat and noise protection and are lightweight and durable. Cutting edge technologies result in vehicles being lighter, quieter and safer. In turn, this helps to reduce carbon emissions and decrease energy consumption.

Compressed Air Installation

The ACE Group recently attended the customer’s factory in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, to install new compressed air equipment and connective ducting. The Install Team worked alongside our Compressor Engineers to get the equipment up and running.

The team installed two brand new Gardner Denver machines, one 75kW fixed speed ESM compressor and one 75kW variable speed machine. The two compressors working in harmony ensure an efficiently run system. The fixed speed machine runs at full load and a variable speed machine topping up the system as required.

Increasing Profit Margins

Prior to Ace’s installation, the compressed air system at the Heckmondwike factory consisted of one 132kW compressor with an additional two 37kW machines. The new system installed by our engineers is a far more efficient and cost-effective way of producing compressed air. It is likely to result in long-term energy savings and thus, an increased profit margin!

The installation went so well that we are now in receipt of a further order for an oil-water separator and have discussed potential future projects such as pipework extensions and air conditioning upgrades.