Claim back space

In many applications space is limited and for heavy industrial applications where compressors and downstream equipment can occupy a large footprint. Streamlining the system is a great way of claiming back the space for alternative uses and has the added benefit of reducing energy expenditure.

24/7 Demand for air

ACE have recently streamlined a system for a longstanding client who are situated close to our Head Office in Huddersfield and who were reshuffling equipment on their site. The site has a 24/7 demand for air so the system required a back up to ensure critical air was always available.

The customer had 3 compressors in situ, a 75kw and a 37kW variable speed machine and a 37kW fixed speed machine as well as a refrigerant dryer, all of which was obsolete and required replacing.

The old machines were removed and in their place a brand new ST75 Fixed Speed Sullair ShopTek compressor was installed. An existing L75RS compressor was then also relocated from the opposite side of the site to operate alongside the new machine. In addition, a new dryer, filters, oil water separator and drains were installed to complete the system and allow it to run optimally.

Increased efficiency with Energair

All the equipment will be linked to the customer’s Energair system which will ensure the site runs efficiently by selecting the correct machine when demand requires.

The new equipment is situated in a bay on one side of the plant, whilst on the other side of the road within the main building there with is a further two compressed air systems incorporating a 110kW regulated speed compressor and a 110kW fixed speed compressor. This allows for further expansion in the future where required and also ensures full system redundancy; the main site can be isolated from the compressed air system across the road in the event of an incident without production downtime.

We conduct full site reviews

Prior to the installation, ACE had carried out a full site review which involved isolating sections of the system and monitoring both sides of the plant to ensure the customer had the most effective configuration and that full back up was available should part of the system go down.

Streamlining the system will result in more efficient production but also in reduced service costs and lower energy consumption for the customer.

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