The Ace Group were recently lucky enough to be invited to the studios in Media City and onto the set of CBeebies’ ‘Swashbuckle’, an exciting pirate themed game show for young children. We have continually supplied the show with brand new Hydrovane compressors in order to power air canons used in one of the games.

A mirrored glass miniature city.

Not unlike Canary Wharf, the towering, mirrored glass studios in a self-contained miniature city were a sight to behold and a testament to media production in the North West. Entering Dock10 studios we were greeted by Alison Jeffery of Wildfire Design who produced the spectacular soft play set design for the show. Alison has been our point of contact at Swashbuckle since she got in touch a few years ago to enquire about using our compressors. We were also greeted by the sound of approximately fifty excitable primary school children waiting to go on set to be the studio audience for the show. Each child proudly sported a felt hat displaying a skull and cross bones and some had dressed in full pirate attire for the occasion.

It’s all go DSCN0043on set!

As we stood watching the production team and cast set up for the first take, Alison generously offered compliments about The Ace Group and the service we have provided to Swashbuckle. Being fairly new to compressors in the beginning, she was grateful for all the initial advice and help she was offered. Since that first conversation Alison has been amazed at the continued support of The Ace Group whenever she was in need of a compressor. Even when there were small issues with the performance of the machines they were usually resolved by Ace within a couple of hours. In the world of TV production time is like gold dust. Swashbuckle shares the studio with the likes of Jeremy Kyle and various other shows so filming slots tend to be tight and keeping on schedule is imperative.

Through providing a quality product and service The Ace Group have formed a strong relationship with Alison and CBeebies and we hope to continue supplying the compressors for Swashbuckle for many years to come. This relationship is proof of just how diverse our spectrum of clients really is. We continue to gain positive feedback from everything from factory installations to air canons on children’s TV shows. There really is no limit to our success!