A Greater Manchester based cardboard mill with roots going back into the 1800’s has recently benefited from a compressor system upgrade. The mill, which manufacturers recyclable cardboard such as tubes and cores, edge protectors and cardboard sheets supplies its products to customers all over the UK and abroad.

Streamlining the system…

Our Sales Team supplied a full new compressor system to replace the older machinery. The installation was carried out from start to finish by the ACE Installation Team. The previous system was comprised of four 22kW machines all of which ran constantly. ACE was able to substitute these four machines for just one 75kW variable speed Gardner Denver compressor.

The new compressor is capable of doing the same job but with a massively reduced energy expenditure. Streamlining the system means that energy costs will decrease and profits increase. Furthermore, the footprint for a single compressor is much smaller, freeing space in the mill.

Air compressor upgrade to power…

The new system will power an array of machinery at the mill. This includes dry vats, knife cutters, several press machines, pulping machines and multiple edge guide machines. These are used to produce cardboard edge guarding which protects products whilst storing and transporting.

Praise for the Installations and Commissioning Team

The Site Engineer who coordinated with ACE on the project was particularly impressed with the Installation and Commissioning Teams. They worked professionally and quickly whilst on-site with members of the Commissioning Team. They were even on-site on their day off to progress the project to completion.

Our teams work in harmony to seamlessly conduct a project from start to finish. Our customers can be assured that throughout every part of that process ACE strives for the highest standards.