A Quick Turnaround

Late on Thursday night, a call for help was received from steel fabrication specialists, Thor Atkinson Ltd. One of their major clients, an industry-leading building supplies manufacturer, had a 55kw compressor that had failed and required replacing quickly. Their client’s incumbent supply was unable to source a machine for three weeks and therefore the functionality of the plant was in jeopardy.

Within 24 hours a new replacement CompAir L55 compressor was sourced, quoted, relayed to the end client and ordered. Within one week the plant had installed the new CompAir L55-07 compressor which would be responsible for running the plant and providing production security for Cemex Fulham, London.

Total Peace of Mind

This compressor is being monitored remotely by the ACE group via Gardner Denver’s Icon System to ensure the machine runs efficiently. This provides the customer with peace of mind and allows them to focus on making concrete whilst we ensure the reliability of the machine.

ACE constantly reviews its supply chain partners so we able to provide our customers with quality products and where necessary, within short time frames. Downtime is something that many customers cannot afford, especially within the manufacturing industries, so ACE does what it can to limit this.


We were proud to work as a team with Thor Atkinson Ltd to get the job completed in a timely and professional manner.

“Our customer approached us with the problem of their site compressor having gone down (the site being one of the biggest concrete suppliers in London). I was told by them that they had been quoted 3/4 weeks lead time. I contacted Richard Coar at ACE Group who gave us a very competitive quote with a 1-week lead time. Richard was true to his word and we had the machine shipped in from Germany within the week – truly outstanding Service to a first-time customer.”Thor Atkinson, Managing Director at Thor Atkinson Ltd.