New Opportunities

As a company ACE has years of experience working with big power generation companies and have several of our engineers stationed permanently on UK power stations. So when the opportunity arose to work at Drax Power in North Yorkshire alongside CBRE, a global workplace solutions company, ACE were ideally suited for the task.

CBRE, a Global Giant

CBRE has a worldwide presence with around 80,000 members of staff covering all four corners of the globe. It has been one of America’s fastest growing companies in the last century and has been voted The Industry’s Top Brand by the Lipsey Company for sixteen years running. With such an impressive history, The Ace Group were delighted when we secured a contract with CBRE for Drax Power Station in Selby, North Yorkshire.

Over 1900 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Assets

The contract began at the start of May and involves ACE having complete responsibility for all of the air conditioning and refrigeration assets on the 3960 megawatt site. We also hope to progress into covering the majority of the compressed air assets, offering a truly ‘under one roof’ service which would increase efficiency for the customer as well as making our services more cost effective. The CBRE contract is being looked after by Josh Riley, the Contract Manager for ACE’s Air Conditioning Division. With over 1900 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration assets on site it’s a full time job! Therefore there is a team of 2 specialised engineers who will be permanently stationed and whom will be joined by other engineers during periods of high demand.

A Growing Venture

The ACE engineers will have sole responsibility for all air conditioning installation and maintenance projects on the site and will be based in a dedicated cabin with CBRE staff. This new contract marks the start of a fruitful working relationship between our two companies and a venture that will surely grow in the future.